IJCAHPO New York Continuing Education Program 2018

Last year, I traveled to the ACE Academy in New Orleans for three days so this fall, instead of heading to Chicago, I decided to hop a train to New York and attend the Continuing Education Program in Times Square. Taking place in the Majestic Ballroom, we registered and enjoyed a continental breakfast before learning tips and tricks for pediatric exams by a physician who handed out leftover Halloween candy to technicians who answered any of his quiz questions correctly. We heard various case studies in neuro-ophthalmology and, following a short break, we ended the morning with visual field testing and basic optics. I am a huge dork and get excited over anything neuro or optics, so the morning was great for me. Optical crosses, transpostion, light refraction and prisms are. My. THING.

Once we had returned from lunch, we heard about the technician’s role in dry eye disease for the perspective of a technician and how ocular surfaces affect cataract surgery before ending the day with the technician’s role in patient assessment. Although the three lectures sound similar in theme, they were all taught quite differently and we all came away learning something from each session. Classes adjourned at 3:30 in the afternoon and we traded our student surveys for continuing education credits.

Display table of equipment for sale at the 2018 Continuing Education Program

The event was great, especially if the ACE Academy is too far away to travel or airfare with hotel is too pricey. If it were not for the Amtrak delay of an hour and a half, it would have only taken about an hour and 45 minutes to get to or from the Program, so I can see this as something I may attend annually. The Westin Hotel where the event is held is right in the Times Square area and one could easily make a weekend out of the trip if feeling touristy.

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