Bold Statement: Myoptic is the Best at Marketing Ever

The design team over at Myoptic Optometry has to be my favorite graphic designers ever. That might not sound like a lot coming from a person who works in medicine, but I spent several years studying at an art school. I know my art stuff.

if I’m being honest, it has gotten to the point where I go on to Instagram just to see if the the account has posted any new graphics.

Some of my absolute favorite designs from the beautiful people at @MyopticPDX

Unfortunately, I leave on the east coast and this outfit is located in Portland, but the folks over at Myoptic Optometry were awesome and sent me some goodies with their prints on them. It was probably the most excited for a tee shirt that I have ever been.

If you ever get out their way, stop by and check out Myoptic (I know for a fact I will). If, like me, you live a bazillion miles away, you can get your fix eye nerd themed art at

I strongly urge you to follow these guys on Instagram via @myopticpdx

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