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Move Over Diamonds: Code Happy Under Scrub Tees are a Girl’s Best Friend

Workers in the medical field often wear scrubs as their work uniform. While many people like to dress up, most of us are perfectly content in wearing company pajamas to work for 8+ hours a day.

Some companies give employees an allowance for new scrubs every so often, others just order a set number for each employee and some practices just tell their staff to get what you want as long as it meets certain requirements. Whichever the case, if allowable, I strongly suggest getting some of the under scrubs tees from Code Happy.

Under scrub tees are fantastic if your like me and ALWAYS cold. The shirts fit tight to the body without being at all restrictive, so they are comfortable under any scrubs top and provide enough warmth without leaving you completely soaked in sweat (this is important for summer days when it’s 100+° outside but 52° inside with the air conditioner blasting because the doctor is still hot somehow?).

The under layer also serves an extra layer of visual interest to what could otherwise be a drab wardrobe. If your employer allows, they can provide the much needed pop of color, as the tee is available in several colors, even bright ones like pink and aqua.

Some practices allow staff members to have visible tattoos at work. Mine does not. Since I have a full sleeve, long sleeve undershirts are mandatory for me. I’ve been rocking long sleeves under work shirts for over a decade now and I have to say that out of any brand, for or make, the Code Happy line of under scrub tees are by far my favorites.

Code Happy’s “Women’s Bliss with Certainty” Long Sleeve Under Scrub Tee can be found on

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