San Francisco: ACE 2019, Optical Shoppes and Puppies

And with that, another successful Continuing Education Academy has concluded. This year, the annual IJCAHPO conference was held in sunny San Francisco, California and I had the pleasure of flying out for the occasion.

As I had previously, I co-instructed the Comprehensive Lensometry course, but this year I also enrolled in the Train the Trainer course, lead by a panel of some of the leaders in our field who taught us how to better teach other technicians. The course was a full day session and I cannot recommend it enough to anyone interested in training within their office.

This year’s Harold A. Stein, MD Lecture was Drs. Jean Bennet and Al Maguire, which— as expected— was smart and witty. I actually almost wasn’t allowed in because I didn’t have a ticket for it, probably because I forgot to sign up for it, but that’s not the point. It was informative and filled with videos of their family dogs who have had gene therapy to correct their gene mutation.

These glasses were everything.

Now, I know everyone wants to know an exact play by play as to what happened while I was in the place cocky enough to just refer to themselves as “The City” (they’re allowed, that place is gorgeous) so here it is:

• My flight time from Philadelphia changed from 10:35 am to 11:05am. Okay it’s whatever.

• No, wait, now it’s delayed.

• The lady just got on the intercom and said that it’s 12:15 and our plane still hasn’t arrived.

• Oh! It’s here! But- what?? Now the pilots just up and left. Apparently American Airlines is having some sort of strike.

• Ok. Made it on the plane. Taking off at 1:15.

• Touch down in San Fran at about 7pm. There goes the time I carved out for sightseeing.

• Found a place with curry and cheesecake. Easily ate 2,000 calories in a single sitting.

• Realized I forgot to pack any pants. Luckily my hotel is in a mall. Target saves me (per usual).

• Fall asleep to Say Yes to the Dress. Not a fan.

• Wake up bright and early for my 7:30am Train the Trainer course. That same episode of Yes to the Dress is on. Get dressed and leave.

• Made it time class. Had tons of fun and learned a LOT. Again, if you have the chance to take this class, do it.

• For lunch, I went back to the same place and got more curry and more cake. I’m seeing a waist-expanding pattern here.

•Class cut out at 2:30. I got out, tried on glasses at an indie optical shoppe, found the glasses of my dreams, saw the Dragon Gate.

• Because I have no life, went back to the hotel and did homework. I’m starting to believe that TLC only plays one episode of this show and hopes no one notices.

• I guess I fell asleep at some point because BAM it’s 7am and I have to get ready to run to the Stein Lecture at 8 like 5 blocks away. Threw on a dress and I did it. My hair was mad that I didn’t stay in bed and wouldn’t cooperate in retaliation.

• Saw the dog lecture, helped with lensometry.

• 11:10 and time to bounce. Run back to the hotel for checkout by 12. Now what do I do with this 600 lb duffel bag and 400 lb tote back that has my entire life in it?

• Duh, I go sightseeing. I even saw a stray dog!

• Speaking of dogs, I saw a cattle dog-chihuahua mix. Neat!

• Made good conversation with a homeless dude. Apparently most of them are super chill.

• Realize that I am completely out of shape while trekking up hills. Maybe I should work on that..

• Saw some cool art, architecture and even another stray dog! Cute!

• Made it to the Ferry Building. There’s some Fleet festival where a bunch of jets are flying around. It’s loud and, quite frankly, that’s rude.

• But there’s a bunch of local artists selling wares! I love wares. Bought like a million of them.

• Ride back to the airport and ate a burrito 😊

That was San Fran in a nutshell. ACE 2020 is going to be hosted in Las Vegas, which I am beyond pumped for. If you plan on coming out for next years, go over to the contact page and let me know.

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