What To Wear To

It’s conference season, and that means that it’s time to bring back my favorite feature: What To Wear To!

Like many techs and medical assistants, I wear scrubs for the majority of my day, so when I get a chance to channel my inner optician and dress up, I get excited. Here’s a list of things to wear to various events during the fall event season.

The Writing Conference

This September, The Philadelphia Inquirer hosted its first ever Tell Your Writing Story event. Clinicians and patients alike attended this series of panels on how best to get your story out there, from publishing books to personal writing for therapeutic purposes.

An event like this is great for networking with other healthcare professionals and writers. Attendees wore everything from suits to tees and jeans, so I kept it neutral— burgundy pointe-knit pants, a faux wrap jersey top under a cardigan with navy piping and leopard pointed toe flats for a sliver of attitude. I kept jewelry simple with timeless pearl earrings to keep it classy.

The Volunteer Event

Every fall, Wills Eye Hospital hosts its annual Give Kids Sight Day. Kids from around the city are given free eye exams and, if they’re found to have a refractive error, two pair of glasses at no cost.

This is a casual event for kids, so jeans and sneakers are totally acceptable. The volunteers are given our uniform GKSD tees and I paired it with jeans, Chucks and a grey hoodie with my employer’s logo on it.

The Flight

This years ACE Academy was in San Francisco, which means I had to fly from the Atlantic to the Pacific on flights— one of which was overnight.

This outfit is comfy enough to sleep in but put together enough to wear out in public, at least for small stretches. I wore this from the airport to the hotel and then to Walmart when I realized I left my dress pants for Academy at home. Whomp whomp. After I wrapped up at ACE, I wore this outfit out and about to sightsee and again to sleep on the flight.

The Student

Once I landed, I attended the Train the Trainer class as a student. One of the doctors I work with once told me that what you wear to a conference directly translates to respect for the speaker. This season, I copped this AMAZING aqua surfer biker jacket that gave my large dot shirt and newly acquired black slacks some color and whimsy. Simple pyramid studs played up the biker jacket mood and I finished the outfit off with neutral black heels.

The Teacher

Next up, I co-instructed the Comprehensive Lensometry course. For this, I wore the outfit I also used in my professional headshot: a color block Calvin Klein stealth dress, white swing blazer and traditional black heels. I wore these awesome eye hoop earring that I landed from Etsy to complete the look.

The Marketer

The last outfit I decided upon for this conference season was one that represented both me and my brand. This skirt, which is to dm die for by the way, is built up of the same colors in The Optic Pit logo. To keep it all in the same family, I wore a fine gauge grey sweater with it underneath my beloved aqua biker jacket. I accessorized with the studs again, because I love them and my favorite pair of glasses, the Gold & Wood Gaia in turquoise. Finally, for the playful pop of color, my infamous neon yellow studded spike heels.

And there you have it. This was a great conference season and I can’t look forward to next years, but I am exhausted. I’ve traveled to 3 major cities in 2 months time and I am beat. On the plus side, I have 10 months to recoup until the next season.

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