So I Gave Online Optics a Shot…

I’ve been underminused for years so I finally took it upon myself to get refracted and get new glasses. For most people, this means getting a regular pair, maybe a new set of sunnies, but for me, this is an event. I need to have at least three pair of glasses I can flip through for different occasions.

I work at an eye hospital, but unlike working at a private practice or optical shop, I don’t get annual free pairs of glasses. This is devastating for me. And it’s quite a change. Instead of getting a new set of glasses every year, I actually have to buy them like a schmuck. Weak.

If I ever needed an eye exam, one of the doctors (or residents, or fellows) at work would look at me for free and I am majorly opposed to buying into a vision insurance plan unless you plan on getting the top of the line progressive with AR and Transitions and every other add on a pair of glasses can have. Simply put, you pay more biweekly than the glasses are worth, at best its a wash. At any rate, glasses are expensive and I wanted glasses so I did something the optician in me hated. I ordered glasses online.

I picked three poisons for my glasses, Zenni, Where Light and Go Optics. Zenni, a notoriously cheap option, has frames for less than $10 and affordable lens options. With frames running me $6.95 each, I got me a pair of wayfareresque sunglasses and a translucent teal pair that I plan on using to fall asleep in. Where Light is quite similar but ran a BOGO special when I found a cute pair of sunnies and a funky rimless job. Go Optics has frames for every budget, so I splurged and bought a limited edition frame from a small business through them.

Here is the verdict:


I love them. The company was great with keeping me up to date on my order and the lenses were perfect. To be fair, they were single vision without prism so there wasn’t a lot to mess up, but they were spot on. The ophthalmic pair (236116) have a kinda cheesy temple but fit excellently. Outfitted with poly lenses with a standard anti-glare coating, they work great for what I bought them for: a pair of glasses I can wear as I fall asleep watching TV. The sunglasses (124116) are also equipped with the standard anti-glare but are made with a polarized 1.61 high index lens. And they are dark. On top of everything, they were on my doorstop exactly seven days after I place the order. Amazing.

Cost: $

The ophthalmic pair only ran me $20. The sunnies were a thinner lens with polarization so they were a bit more at $80. Not bad when you consider LensCrafters would charge twice that amount for the legit Ray-Ban Wayfarer and three times that for a polarized poly lens.



I wasn’t going to get glasses from this site, since I already ordered two pair from Zenni, but I got an email on Halloween about buy one get one glasses so naturally I went ham. I got a large pit of fashion sunglasses (Jone) with 1.67 polarized lenses and a blue mirror finish to accentuate the blue in the frame. God, I love them. The ophthalmic pair is a chunky plastic semi-rimless frame (Tabitha) with 1.67 lenses and the premium anti-glare coating. So neat.

Cost: $

The sunnies, with polarized 1.67 lenses and a mirror coating came in at $95. Not a bad deal but throw on top of that a FREE second pair and it’s a steal. The second pair would have come out to $84 with top of the line everything but I didn’t pay a cent for them. Incredible.

The only problem is the order never came.

That’s right. Apparently the website never even received my order, even though they took my money. They emailed me a week later and told me that I’d need to reorder and repay for my order for them to receive it. The company is oversees so I gave them the benefit of the doubt and reordered. They never received that order either. This time, I had to email them to ask why I couldn’t find my order I do online and they admitted to not having my order again. Adding to the frustration, they didn’t even refund my first order! Luckily, I used PayPal for both transactions and was refunded for both orders. It sucks because the glasses I ordered were super cute, too. 😕



For my final pair of glasses in the online experience, I ordered an absolutely divine pair of Gold & Wood wooden frames with non-glare 1.67 lenses. The handmade wooden frame (Gaia) has a layer of silk enameled to the frame front and temples, giving it texture and bold color which wooden frames often lack. They are the holy grail of glasses as far as I’m concerned. And they happen to fit me like they were made for me. These glasses and me were just meant to be.

However. The turn around was weeks. This isn’t abnormal in optics, especially when a specialty frame has to be special ordered in. The biggest gripe I had with GoOptics is with their customer service. My receipt for the purchase had an address for a location that was mere minutes from my home so I called their hotline to get more information on the company. If they were truly an online glasses outfit basically in my backyard, I wanted to know more about them. Unfortunately, after several rings, a man answered the phone by saying (I presume to either himself or the person beside him who was also dodging phone calls) “Seriously???” Followed by silence. After two beats, I asked “Hello?” and he replied “Oh, hi! GoOptics, Somebody speaking”. I wish I got his name, but I didn’t. All I did was ask if they were based out of or had a location local to me, as stated on my receipt and he popped off. “IF YOU WOULD READ THE CONTRACT AT THE BOTTOM OF YOUR RECEIPT, YOU WOULD SEE THAT THERE IS A FOURTEEN DAY TURNAROUND ON GLASSES ORDERS…”

I cut him off. How dare he speak to ANYONE that way. I’ll never order from them again and I don’t recommend them to anyone. Periodt.

Cost: $$-$$$$$

Much like the other online retailers, GoOptic offers affordable frame and lens options. Not in this case. I knew what I was getting into when I ordered this handmade frame from a private manufacturer. I bought the frame with money I paid freelancing because treat yo’self, but I’ll withhold exactly how much I paid. You can look the frame up if you’re curious.

So there you have it. Out of three retail options, Zenni was actually the best by a long shot. I never thought I would say it, but I would definitely order from them again, but I li because I have the capability to measure the glasses after I’ve received them for accuracy.

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