Reopening America

Americans have become restless. While New York has seen remarkably high numbers of COVID19 cases, rural areas across the US are beginning to feel imprisoned in their own homes, citing encroachment of their freedoms and demanding local governments to lift quarantine orders (McNeil, 2020). Politicians, quick to please their constituents, are making bold statements and decisions about opening businesses back up to bring the country’s economy back up to speed. Scientists and physicians argue that politics and finances are playing too big a role in the reopening of America, explaining that opening too early could risk hundreds of thousands more lives (McNeil, 2020).

Other countries are following different models to curtail the coronavirus. The problem is that US citizens are blind to that. China is reporting low numbers and Americans assume it is because the nation is lying and being secretive about how many new infected cases they are seeing daily where they are in truth implementing a total police state and have seen new infection rates plummet. Instead, the country relies more on economists and politicians to give them advice on how to fix the country during this medical pandemic.

Reopening the country prematurely affects everyone in healthcare. A surge of COVID patients risks those seeking healthcare for their pre-existing systemic diseases, the staff and physicians treating those infected, and even the financial sector, as demand can far exceed the supply and abilities to procure more supplies. Already, hospitals around the country have portable freezers acting as morgues for those who have died from the virus. Hospital beds are limited and as more staff, nurses, and physicians fall ill, there will be fewer people to care for patients if the nation sees another surge. 

McNeil, D. (2020, May 11). As states rush to reopen, scientists fear a coronavirus comeback. The New York Times. Retrieved from

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