My name is Keli and I’m an ophthalmic tech. I’ve been working in eyecare since 2008, when I made the leap from jewelry to glasses sales. Years of convincing people to buy glittery baubles they didn’t really need primed me to sell prescription eyewear to people who needed to see. Fish in a barrel.

Optical sales was fun and steep spectacle discounts were a huge benefit but eventually I shifted into the patient care role of prepping patients for their optometric and ophthalmic exams. In 2014, I certified as a CPO, in 2015 got my ABOC, and became a COMT in 2020.

In 2018, I realized that there weren’t many blogs for ophthalmic assistants. I decided to make a blog for techs with all of the essays I wrote for various classes I’d taken while pursuing a degree in Health Sciences. The blog’s title, The Optic Pit, is actually the nickname of the breakroom in the office I work at which seems like a fitting enough title.

What started as a place to post my old homework assignments has since grown into something bigger. The page’s Instagram account, @theopticpit, has widened my following and I’ve expanded content to be inclusive of opticians and optometric techs as well. As the blog continues to evolve, I’m looking forward to posting more on everyday aspects of what we do in eyecare, guest posts from other eye personnel and share resources for everyone in our field to turn to that pertain to both our work and our lives outside the office.

Thank you all for coming by my page and I hope that you enjoy it. If ever you have a suggestion or recommendation on a subject you’d like to see featured, shoot me an email and we can work together on getting it printed. Again, I can’t thank you enough for your support and look forward to watching this platform grow.